This collection was inspired by the Ancient Roman mythology of Neptune 'god of the sea'. I researched into the stories of the different gods and goddesses, and found myself fascinated by them. I loved drawing them, but found myself most drawn  to Neptune. I have always loved the sea, and it felt natural to me to choose him for this collection. Below are images of my design development, making process, final pieces and renders. Have a little scroll. 


Below are images of my design development for this whole collection.


Below are images of the whole making process, of each piece in the collection.


The main piece is the 9k yellow gold trident, made to resemble Neptune's own weapon, which he used to control the waves. It features a hand textured octopus tentacle that curves around the trident and loops at the top to form the bail. The centre stone is a pear-shape indigolite tourmaline.


These earrings were modelled on the main pendant, however the tridents have slight sculptural differences to the original pendant. They are 9k yellow gold with either indigolite or deep green tourmalines.


This ring is inspired by the crown that Neptune is often wearing in the depictions of him. It is simple and minimal, but still has a royal aesthetic, with a wave pattern flowing around the outside. It is set with parabia tourmalines all the way round, in an eternity ring style.

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