This ring is made from 9k rose gold and rubellite tourmaline, it was created and sculpted on Zbrush and direct cast. The ring was inspired by the gruesome pitcher plant found in jungles.
The pitcher plant is a carnivorous type of plant that includes several species. It attracts insects to it using the scents of nectar and already-captured dead insects, and once inside, insects cannot escape and drown in a pool of water at the bottom. It is located along the east coast of North America, in bogs and other wet locations with acidic soil. In fact it can happily live in low nutrient soil because it gains its nutrients from the animals it traps.

As this ring is adjustable it can fit sizes from J - M, if you love this ring but it isnt your size, colour or prefered gemstone please send me an email via the contact page and I'll see what I can do!


Hallmarked and ready to go to a new owner.

Pitcher ring


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