This bangle, Circle of Life reflects the link between the ring, pendant and bangle. The rings consists of two solid gold ‘deadly dapperling’ mushrooms, with channel set emeralds. These wild fungi are toxic and represent death, but are arranged in a circle to resonate with the theme. Mushrooms have been both highly valued and feared throughout history because of their healing properties and toxicity. The metal connecting the two mushroom rings together is inspired by mycelium, which is the main body of the fungus and from which the mushroom fruits grow; referencing Penicillium in particular. The metal mycelium bridges the gap between life and death, the bangle being the circle of life. The two rings were created on matrix 8; I applied gems using the gem builder and channel builder. The mycelium was designed using T-spline, this allowed me to create the organic formation. This piece would be made in four separate parts, the two rings and two bangle halves would be cast separately. The rings would require precision finishing and the mycelium bangle components would be finished by hand. Careful craftmanship will make this piece come alive and help it perform its tri-functionality.



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