Power of Plants

Read more about my most recent collection, based upon the wonderful powers of plants. 

Eco Riders

Take a little look at my second year collection. Focussed on the impact humans have on the ocean.


I post all of my most recent bespoke work here. It's basically my online jewellery portfolio, while involving stupid captions and silly quotes. 

I loved making this recycled 9ct gold pe
Neptunes Trident pendant
Taking forms from the gods and the ocean
My Work

Jewellery with a Conscience 

My jewellery always tells a story, whether that is about the environment, religion, mythology, history or just focussing on a centre stone.


I prefer to keep my jewellery ethical and eco friendly; I use recycled metals where I can and sustainably sourced gemstones.

Synthetic gemstones are a great alternative because they don't wreak environmental havoc like natural gems do in the mining process, therefore feel free to ask for synthetic gems in your next commission!

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